Pets and Fireworks

Our tips and tricks to help keep your pet calm and safe on Bonfire night

As pet owners, you're probably well aware of the anxiety that this time of year can cause for our furry loved one. That's why, we'd like to reassure you that you're always welcome to call us for some advice from one of our veterinary nurses.

Please see some helpful resources for ensuring your pet stays safe and happy during November.

It's that time again...

Bonfire Night is fast approaching, which of course means fireworks.


Fireworks might be a treat for our eyes, but for our pets, they can cause panic and stress.

To help you keep your pet safe this season, read our blog post full of helpful advice.

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Drown out the fireworks!

Dance around the kitchen and help keep your pet calm!

Here's a Spotify playlist designed to drown out those pesky firework bangs and booms with our playlist.


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