Offering a wide range of in-house blood analysers, we can provide accurate results in approximately 20 minutes. This enables our Vets to reach a diagnosis quickly and formulate a treatment plan for your pet.

We have modern dental equipment, allowing us to undertake scaling, polishing and extractions.

Our digital x-ray facilities are capable of providing high quality images of every animal from a hamster to a 90kg Great Dane!

We often use a special type of contrast medium in X-rays. This shows up if there are torn bits of tissue, can highlight foreign bodies, can show the passage of blood vessels and can identify spinal compressions. 

Surgical procedures take place in our first class operating theatre. While under anaesthetic your pet is constantly monitored by a Registered Veterinary Nurse. 

Our Kennels & Cattery provide separate hospitalisation facilities for your canine and feline friends.



Vaccination & pet passports
Pet dentistry
Surgery (orthopaedic, soft tissue & spinal)
Digital radiography
Keyhole surgery
On-site diagnostic laboratory
Nurse clinics
Behavioural advice
Home visits
Compassionate euthanasia